Questions and asnwears

How can I make an appointment?
I need your request via email or via form on contact page. The sooner you contact me, the more higher chances we can meet. I'd like to know your name, the date, time, duration, location (hotel name or exact point of our agreement), etc.
Is Incall available? / Can I meet you at your place?
No, the answer is not. We can meet in a 5* or a good 4* hotel (or your nice appartment).
Can I get special price?
No. Be polite and do not attempt to negotiate my fee. If you are looking for a cheap escort service, then please contact one another escort ...
How does it work with flight tickets?
Please contact me first so I can confirm my availability. Then I can help you to find a suitable flight for me. After we have agreed on a particular flight, you have to book AND pay the flight for me and send me the booking Refference number.
What can I expect during our meeting?
You will spend a very uncomplicated and unforgettable time with me. We will have lots of fun and also very nice and relaxing intimate moments together. I promise you the highest-class service.
Why should I send travel costs in advance?
If you send me money for train ticket, you show genuine interest in meeting with me, so I don't go to Vienna in vain - to realize that no one was waiting for me there. I need some kind of security you are serious about meeting me and will wait for me at my arrival.

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